“I believe everyone deserves to feel lean, fit and strong no matter how busy they are!”

Leaving no stone unturned, Victor will help you implement exercise and nutrition into your already busy lifestyle in a way which is sustainable and realistic for you so that your fat loss, strength and fitness goals aren’t compromised.

Victor has worked with numerous sports teams, has Captained the New Zealand mens indoor cricket team at the World Cup and played cricket professionally over in the U.K. but his passion lies in helping individuals integrate healthy habits into their already busy schedule.

Victor will give you the tools to feel fitter, stronger and looking & feeling at your best with workouts and nutrition plans that fit into your lifestyle.


  • Personal Trainer (level 3)
  • Accredited Rehab Trainer
  • Zuu Liberating human movement accredited trainer
  • Thump Boxing advanced Trainer
  • Fat loss and lifestyle coach

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022 (Fit life) 348 5433

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