“Life’s only limitations are the ones we make. So the difference between who I am and who I want to be is only separated by my actions and words”

From flexibility, fat loss and toning, to muscle building, strength, cardiovascular fitness and sports rehabilitation, Rosy will guide you in making nutrition and lifestyle choices which will aid you in taking a step closer to achieving your goals.

Drawing on knowledge ascertained from her studies in the area of Sports and Exercise Science, Rosy will be your life coach in the field of health and fitness where she will support you in establishing a life changing plan. Using her skills as a high performance conditioning coach in addition to many years of experience as a high performance athlete, she will support you in achieving your individual health and fitness goals. Not only will she help you build strength physically but also mentally as you embark on your new health and fitness way of life.

Rosy believes that no matter what life demands of us, we can all find a way to reach our health and fitness goals — it’s all about grit and priorities.


  • Personal Trainer Certificate Skills Active
  • Bachelor of Science; majoring in Sports and Exercise science, and Psychology

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